I Grew Up Poor.


The Rebel.

I didn’t grow up with much…

When the recession of 2008 hit, it hit my family hard. I grew up wearing hand me downs from my mothers best friends son. There was always a constant issue of not having enough money and I always felt stuck.

I felt like no matter how hard my parents worked they would never have enough. I felt like I would be poor forever and being financially secure was something that wasn’t meant for me in this lifetime. When this belief is ingrained into your very soul at a young age it’s hard to break it.

Well that is if you were just like everyone else…

I am a rebel. I am rule breaker. I refused to settle to that belief and I always had a STRONG desire to resist any conventional rules set for me.

I fought for what I believed in.

& my goal is to help you fight as well.

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The Beginning.

I wasn't ever the smartest kid in school.

But I always knew deep down inside I had a greater purpose in this life than to work inside a cubicle or a 9-5.

I woke up morning sick and tired of being broke. I had enough of making excuses and not having enough money, so I made a commitment to myself I will achieve financial success and I will do it at whatever the cost.


The Process.

It wasn’t easy. But I did it.

I cut off my old “friends” that laughed at me and told me I could never do it.

I started to read more books.

& I started to educate myself on starting a business from nothing.


1 Year Later…

• I built a 6 Figure Ecommerce Company with 2 incredible employees.

• I created a Digital Marketing Agency helping companies across the U.S.

• I started a Youtube Channel helping other people with credit and personal finances.