How To Get Contactless Credit Cards

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What are contactless credit cards?

No swipe, sign, or chip. Contactless credit cards utilizes a modern day technology called NFC which stands for Near Field Communication. NFC isn’t anything relativlty new, this technology has been around since 2003 however its been gaining more attention in these most recent years inside the states.

Each card has a contactless chip with an RFID antenna. This means that whenver you go shopping you can just wave this over a terminal and the radio frequency will place a one-time code instantly to complete the transaction.

Advantages of Contactless Cards

  1. No more holding the line

  2. No more missed errors with swipes

  3. No more metal cards jammed up in machines

  4. Tap & Go is quick & easy

How Can You Apply for One?

Most cards are actually coming out with NFC technology as a standard feature. At the moment banks such as Chase and American Express are slowly releasing these into older cards. To check if your card can be upgraded to a contactless card you can follow the steps below:

  1. Call the company and request over the phone.


  2. Log into American Express Website

  3. Go into Settings

  4. Go into Card Management Tab

  5. Open order a replacement card for damaged/ lost/ stolen cards

  6. Request a contactless credit card ( If available)

  7. Success.