How to 3X Your American Express Credit Limit

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How to request the credit line increase

Increasing your credit limit can help you lower your overall credit utilization and help improve your credit score. American Express gives users the ability to increase their credit limit by 3X. This is how you do it.

  1. Log into your American Express account

  2.   Click profile & preferences

  3.   Click more options

  4. Under account management click “manage credit limit”

  5.   Click start then submit a CLI of 3 times your current status.


  1. Before you do this make sure you pay off your statements and have ZERO debt with other credit card issuers.

  2. Wait a minimum of 60 days after your last card is opened before requesting the credit limit increase

  3. Cooldown Rule. Wait 6 months in between credit limit increases from AMEX on all cards that you have active.

  4. The more times you successfully get a 3x Increase the harder it will be in the future.

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