“…The Story and Authenticity”

I subscribed to Casey Neistat when he had around 10k subs, Peter McKinnon when he was at 8k. I’m Telling you Brian, you’re gonna be coming up, not just because of the content you’ll have, but the story and authenticity of your channel. Keep grinding!!!

— J.T.

“…Quality & Content Top Notch”

I’m always surprised whenever I see an upload of yours because there are only a few hundred views when I watch them. Your videos are so well edited and the quality and content are so top notch, I forget that you haven’t blown up yet. Even just by looking at the thumbnails I’m assuming you have a few hundred thousand subscribers, honestly. Keep it up!

— L.I.


“Hey Brian! I normally don't write comments on the videos I like on YouTube. However, this an exception. Your videos have a special touch which is you are yourself, you don't pretend to be anybody else. Kudos for that! That being said, I also live in MD and a few years back have had some start ups abroad in Central America. I had to move here now and I have gotten inspired from your videos on starting a new startup. Looking forward to your course man!!! Keep going!!!!"

— Elvis F.


“You're so awesome, Brian! I'm so happy to have found your channel and to watch your journey!! Your warm personality is addicting!”

— Georgi Georgiev.