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Hi, Im Brian

I started my first YouTube channel in 2011 where I took my family’s DSLR camera (A Canon Rebel Ti) and I filmed myself playing Call of Duty Black Ops and uploaded it to the internet.

I was about 12 years old at that time and I never thought twice about what I was doing other than being able to document what I’m doing, create content, and share online for myself and others too see.



Little less than a decade later I’ve created a dream life for myself as a full time content creator, investor, & serial entrepreneur doing what I love every single day.

Most people now know me from my YouTube channel that hit over 1 Million Subscribers at the end of 2021, but I’m also a co-owner in the first Japanese BBQ restaurant in Rockville MD and an angel investor in over 20 different start-up companies.


My parents immigrated from Seoul, South Korea before I was born and I grew up attending public school outside of Washington D.C. 

After worrying about money every day to making millions of dollars, my mission is to positively impact, educate, and inspire others to become financially free and to live a better life. 

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