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Where potential meets purpose.

Our team is full of trailblazers with a commitment to excellence, and a desire to create the future of financial education. Our work has directly impacted thousands of people, helping them to build wealth for them and their families.

Are you the right fit for our team?

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We are creators and innovators. We believe in a future where people are equipped with financial literacy to build and create wealth. We aim to create content to help everyone - from beginners to seasoned pros.

Let's change the lives of all 1,800,000+ people in our audience.

Our Core Values


If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

By working together, we can build sustainably towards a future where we impact even more people.


We won't get ahead by following the rules, and sticking within the lines set by traditional education. We thrive on innovation, bringing our ideas to reality and shaping the future of financial literacy.


Our team is remote-first, based in over 6 countries around the globe. We know that talent exists far beyond the borders of our local area and country, and welcome team members worldwide.

Open Positions

Customer Support Rep

Full-Time  •  Remote

Assist our community members in solving problems and managing customer inquiries.

Social Media Manager

Full-Time  •  Remote

Craft captivating visuals and curate engaging content to amplify brand presence

Researcher & Writer

Full-Time  •  Remote

Join alongside the team to research and write videos and written posts for our YouTube Channel.

Rough Cut Editor

Full-Time  •  Remote

Leading in the reduction process in editing high-quality videos regularly for our YouTube channel. 

Crypto Analyst

Part-Time  •  Remote

Provide top-notch trade alerts, to guide our Discord members to profit through crypto trading.

Creative Director

Full-Time  •  Remote

Lead the creative direction and strategy for all video & graphic design projects.

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